Chairman Message


Since the beginning of the company back in the 90’s, we- at El Asreya- were keen to develop residential units that fulfill the needs of Egyptian households. Across the company’s history that spans over 17 years, we worked in accordance with the best standards and keenness to fulfill our clients’ needs by providing quality residential units with high return on their investments in terms of uniqueness of design, location and services provided.
And following our vision that aims for distinctiveness, we- at El Asreya- are continuously eager to understand the different needs of our customers and offer top-notch real estate offerings. Furthermore, we constantly improve our services by closely studying the changes in the real estate market to develop projects that meet both the Egyptian community values and the needs of modern lifestyle in terms of luxury and convenience. 
Our valuable customers represent the ultimate priority for us at El Asreya and we shall exert our utmost efforts, resources and expertise in the field to attain your trust, loyalty and become your exclusive choice in real estate.